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Real Estate Applications for a Smart Phone & Tablet

    Tablets and smart phones have become imperative in the home and business world of 2014. There are countless apps for your phone and tablet for almost every aspect of your life. After doing a little research, we have come up with a few of the top apps that could potentially be helpful in the real estate business. 

 1) Dropbox: This is the app that everyone should have on all of their devices. Dropbox allows you to store and share documents, photos, videos for free. You simply upload your files to Dropbox and your information becomes accessible from any of your devices. 

2) DocuSign Ink: This is a secure app that allows you to sign documents and obtain signatures electronically from your phone or smart tablet.

3) Keynote: This app allows you to create and share presentations with high tec tools, effects and interactive charts. This app works perfectly with PowerPoint and is kept up to date on all your apple devices with iCloud.

4) LogMeIn: An app that allows you to remotely access the desktop of a home or work computer from your smart tablet.This app is crucial for those documents that are not in your Dropbox.

5) Google Earth: You no longer have to drive to a location to view it. Simply type in the address of the location you want to view and you are instantly able to take a virtual tour of the exterior of the property.  Google Earth is a perfect app to use for aerial views and mapping locations.

6)Snagit: Snagit allows you to take snap shots and cut and paste from your screen, saving the image as a jpeg or pdf to easily be dropped into a presentation.

7) Magic Plan: This app is a hands on approach to creating floor plans by taking snap shots from room to room using the app’s detailed guidance. A floor plan is created with the option to use room dimensions as well as window and door openings. The newly created floor plan can be saved as pdf, jpeg, dxd or CAD file. Sending a floor plan costs around $3 each.

8) Photodrip:  Photodrip allows you to share multiple photos with others by creating a direct link to  the photos you wish to share, This program allows for easily accessible viewing of multiple images without any hassle.

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