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Winning vs. Win-Winning

BY: Nim Frazer, SIOR, Owner/Manager

28603_109275339114837_2119088_n[1]How many times have we heard the old sayings ‘winning isn’t everything’ or ‘It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game’?  In games it’s very true, but in order to survive in business we need to win. It is the difference between financial success and failure.  However, different methods used to win can often mean winning at any cost, resulting in unsatisfied, misled clients. When winning is the only goal, success is short-term. At Industrial Partners, we understand that to build a solid business depends on cultivating win-winning relationships rather than only focusing on winning. Here are three effective ways we build trust and confidence.

First and foremost, our clients rely on our product knowledge. At Industrial Partners, we know our market, our area, and trends in the economy, both locally and nationally. We know our product like a quarterback knows the playbook; like an honor student knows the exam material. When we know our product and our clients’ needs, we are able to address and meet them with confidence and consistency.

Second, we answer client’s questions honestly and with integrity. Politicians are famous for beating around the bush and sugar-coating answers to difficult questions. Obfuscation is the best weapon of the person who believes that honesty will kill the deal.  Because they base important decisions on the information we provide, our clients want straightforward answers to questions and they will get them from Industrial Partners.

Last but certainly not least, we follow up for our clients. Good service after the sale is the difference between a good company and an excellent one. Many businesses skip this part because it is uncomfortable to hear criticism. Avoiding this step lets people pretend that all is well. Addressing concerns after the final transaction lets our clients know that we are in their corner, and it will gives us valuable learning tools to make future transactions go smoothly.

We win some and we lose some, but for us, honesty truly is the best policy. Being honest and straightforward with our clients might sometimes result in a short-term loss, but the payback is tremendous. Their level of trust, ability to rely on our information, and overall comfort level in our intent are all invaluable. These are the clients that refer others to and return to our services, and that is a win-winning play.   When we play to win-win, the long term results are better for everyone.

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