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Advantages to Relocating Your Business to Alabama: Quality of the Workforce

28603_109275339114837_2119088_n[1]If you’re considering relocating your business to Alabama, you can rest assured that the workforce is among the best in the country. One of the biggest incentives that companies worldwide have found in coming to Alabama is the quality of the state’s workforce and its highly respected workforce development program. In fact, the program is so strong, that it has earned Alabama top overall labor rankings as a result.

Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT) is the first state training program in the world to be certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2000, the International Organization for Standardization Principle for Quality Management. The ISO 9000 family of standards was designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of their customers and other stakeholders.  AIDT was also ranked first among workforce training programs in all 50 states.

AIDT has provided training for tens of thousands of workers for companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Lockheed Martin, and Austal shipbuilding.

The services are provided at no cost to employers or trainers.  The workforce management system includes recruitment, assessment and training of potential employees, development and production of job-related training materials, provision of training facilities, and delivery of job-specific services. AIDT also provides certified manager training and supervisory and team leadership training.

With all of the diversity of businesses located in Alabama, and all the potential for new growth, the state continues to pour its efforts into building and maintaining a quality workforce so that our businesses and economy can continue to grow and thrive.

If you are thinking about relocating your business…think Alabama!

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